2018 Year of the Dog Annual Forecast


  • This is a year to lay consolidate what has already been started and focus on building and improving. It is a time best spend for laying the groundwork for a better and more successful outcome.
  • For those who are thinking of changing jobs this year, it is a year best spent adopting a posture of listening and learning and not to act impulsively as you may end up worst off.
  • Those who adopt a down-to-earth attitude with ample patience will see the best results. Whatever your situation this is not a year to be impetuous or impulsive, instead you should consider very carefully before changing jobs, moving house, or anything that requires a change of pace or location. Even in matters of the heart, once should consider carefully before making the big decision.
  • The way forward is to make sure that you complete your task at hand before taking on another.
  • The year of the double earth offers plenty of resource and opportunities but lacks the depth and strength to makes things happen. Do not expect quick results as real effort and plenty of good luck will be needed to bring success.
  • This year brings some benefits to those born in the year of the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster and Dog as you will find clarity of vision to get the most from this year.
  • The second half of the year is more positive then the first half as helpful elements indicate that those who have been patient and hardworking may see spectacular results. The end of the year also has a better outlook and good news.
  • Water signs – the Rat and Boar will need to work especially hard as they lack the inner and outer strength to blend harmoniously with the elements of the year.
  • As the elements of the year is unbalanced, we are going to see overcapacity and a glut of resources and property, making this not a good year for investing in a new house.
  • The months of August and September benefits the patriarch bringing them more money and success. All men should wear more gold this year, as Metal is the key to improving wealth.
  • To enhance income luck, you can place the Fu Dog Treasure Chest in the Northwest corner of your living room.
  • To strengthen success luck you should invite a statue of King Gesar sitting on a Horse with 13 Wermas on your work desk.
  • To enhance all round harmony, you can invite the 8 Immortals into your home and place this in the Northwest corner. The Matriarch of the family also benefits from the 8 Immortals.
  • Managers and those who are in positions of authority should strengthen their career prospects by carrying the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet by attracting the attention of powerful mentors.
  • Those born in the year of the Monkey will benefit from having the Monkey God sitting on a Dragon on their work desk as doing so will benefit your wealth luck tremendously.
  • An auspicious ritual to strengthen money luck and ensure that you will never be short of money is to replace your wallet with the Fu Dog Wallet / Purse, while making sure that you place 3 Chinese Coins tied with gold string inside together with some “old money” from your old wallet together with some “new money” from those who are richer or more fortunate then yourself. This ritual is especially powerful when done during the first 15 days of Chinese New Year.
  • 2 other wealth granting talismans include the King Gesar Ring worn on a cord around your neck or the Wish Granting Pendant of Norbu Sangpo.


The new chart takes effect from Feb 4th 2018. To maximize your luck for the year, it is vital to update the Feng Shui of your home. All you need to do is to correct, subdue and enhance all the 8 corners of your home, doing so will reduce or negate the effects of afflictions and enhance good luck to your home, thus benefiting everyone.

When reading each forecast, bear in mind that the stars affect you if any one of the following scenarios apply to you:

  1. Your entrance is facing that direction (ie the #3 star affects you if your house is facing Northeast)
  2. Your entrance is located in the sector (i.e. the #7 star affects you if your entrance is located in the East sector even if it is facing a different direction)
  3. Your bedroom is located in the sector
  4. The star visits your animal palace. For example if you are a Snake or Dragon, then the prosperity 8 in the Southeast (Snake and Dragon location) brings you good fortune.


As a defensive strategy, the first step is to identify all the bad stars that trigger misfortune and then disarm them using elemental and symbolic cures.

1. The Quarrelsome Star #3 in the NORTHEAST
The hostile #3 star comes to this corner and with it brings violence, arguments and quarrelsomeness to the home if your faces the northeast. Display the Red Fu Dog here to subdue, and place the Red Apple near the front door to promote peace and harmony for the home. Activate the Big Auspicious Star with the Treasure Chest and place the White Umbrella Goddess here to protect against conflict with outsiders. Place the Earth Seal here to unlock the riches of the Earth.
2. The ILLNESS 2 in the WEST
The annual illness star #2 comes here and brings Sickness and reduces one’s Mental and Physical strength. Display the Bejeweled Medicine Buddha in the west of your living room as it is also good for countering the Reducing energy star. You should place the Garuda Wu Luo here to protect against illness energy.
3. The FIVE YELLOW STAR flies into the NORTH
The 3 killings visits the north this year together with the misfortune star #5. This is especially dangerous if your house faces north this year as the #5 brings misfortune and illness, and it severely harms those born in the year of the Rat and the sons of the family. Place the 5 Element Pagoda with Water wave to subdue. Place the 3 Red Lions here to control the 3 afflictions of the 3 killings. Display the Lion Face Dakini to remove obstacles and overcome the natural disaster star.
4. The ROBBERY STAR #7 in the EAST
The Red Star #7 Robbery star comes to the East this year and becomes very dangerous for those who have homes facing this direction. In addition the Yin house and yearly conflict stars serves to make things worse. You should place the Rhino & Elephant with Anti Burglary Amulet here to subdue the #7 and place the Anti Burglary Sticker on your windows and sliding doors. Overcome the Yin house and yearly conflict with the Yang House Amulet Plaque.


Enhancing the good stars maximise your potential for getting the best out of the year! In the same way as how bad stars affect you, these stars bring out the best in you if your bedroom, entrance, living room or animal palace is here!

The extremely lucky star #8 flies to the Southeast and brings money and success with power. Although this star is very lucky, because of the effects of the yearly conflict and Sui Po, there is a need to enhance and activate its effects. Place the Bejeweled 108 Lime Tree in the southeast to brings wealth and prosperity, and the Mountain Of Gold with Mantra to protect your wealth. Place the Red Apple here to control the yearly conflict and invite a deity into your house to protect against the Sui Po. Alternatively , you can have the Bejeweled Mansion Of Guru Rinpoche to control both the Sui Po as well as the Yearly Conflict star.


The White star of Heavenly Benefactors #6 flies here and brings windfall luck form heaven. To enhance you have to display the 3 Emperors on Horses here. This will attract benefactors and benefits the matriarch. You also need to place the Yang House Amulet Plaque here to subdue both the Yin House and Yi Duo star. To enhance the star of golden deity, display the Kuan Yin sitting on a Snow Lion.

The White star #1 brings victorious energy, the kind that brings career advancement, success at work and improvements in your abilities. You must not have any clutter in this part of the home. Place the Windhorse here to actualize your goals and ambitions. You can also display the Bejeweled 5 Element Victory Banner to effect victory and success. Activate the Small Auspicious Star With The Wish Fulfilling Jewel. If there is a door or window here, it is recommended that you stick up the Anti Burglary Sticker. As this is also the corner where the Tai Sui flies to, you should display the Tai Sui Plaque on a low table or hang it up on the wall.

The Green star #4 brings peach blossom, romance and marriage opportunities as well as education luck to this corner. To enhancer further, display the Luo Han on Chi Lin in this part of your home. For those who are single and looking to get married, you should display your Peach Blossom Animal based on your birth animal. You also need to place the Bejeweled Namtose here as a remedy against the annual Wu Duo Star. This is especially important if your house faces south as the Wu Duo star brings monetary loss.

The center of the house has the #9 multiplying star. Bring new prosperity to your home with either the 9 Pears, or the God Of Wealth Sitting On Tiger. You can also place the 9 Dogs to enhance.

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