18 Ways to Fire Up Your Living Space

Auspicious placement of furniture and decorations will clear any blocked energy pathways and charge the positive nature of chi. The following will give you the secrets of energizing the chi of a living room while making your bedroom as restful haven will give you the opportunity to make your home a refuge against the problems of the outside world.

1. Empowering the Main Door

The main door of your home is where the powerful cosmic energy of the outer environment connects with and enters your home. Display image of auspicious creatures near the vicinity of the door to empower it.

2. Feeding the Growth energy at Doorways with Water

The presence of water when located either inside or outside the home promotes the growth energy. It is vital ingredient that brings never-ending good fortune.

3. Creating Good energy on Both side of the Door

Keep the inside and outside the door free of clutter and clean at all times. Create a pool of five elements energy to symbolize universe of good energy. Water brings a flow of wealth, fire brings success and recognition, metal brings protection and strength, earth brings grounding luck and wood brings growth and expansion. Use your creativity to work at creating this five element near your door.

4. Protect your main door with Fu Dogs

The presence of Metal energy in the form of celestial guardian such as Chi Lin or Fu Dog flanking the door offers strong protection against afflictive energies. Activate your guardians by tying a red ribbon.

5. Clearing blockages in the Hallway

Do not let packages,  shoes and so on to accumulate in the foyer area of your home. It is fine to have some furniture in you hall to slow down chi but don’t let too many pile up.

6. Creating Feng Shui Strength in the Living Room

Activate the eight corners with symbolic decorative images. Check the following charts. Auspicious objects create good chi and bring positive benefits.

7. Bright Light Always generates Yang energy

Be sensitive to the moods created in your home by light. Never overly dark with lots of shadows for the living room. Home is always luckier when the ambience is bright.

8. Let Natural Sound permeate your living areas

Keep a pair of dogs or cats to create emit natural sounds. Alternatively, you can use radio or television. Silent home suggests the yin aura of tombs and undergrounds places.

9. Create meandering flows of chi in your home

When you arrange the furniture of your home create a mental image of traffic flow – How people will walk around objects. Direct the traffic flow by placing pieces of heavy furniture in strategic places. Make sure the flow is meandering and people will not prone to walking into obstacle or corners.

10. Golden rules for kitchen location

The kitchen must be deep inside and should not be visible from the front door. Avoid in the Northwest and Southwest.

11. Rearrange your Décor at frequent intervals

Rearrange furniture is beneficial because it re-channels the patterns of chi energy, reflecting its dynamic nature and attracting new cosmic energy into your home.


12. Bring in Daily doses of Sun energy

It is very effective way to make sure that the family stays together and that all members are blessed by the powerful rejuvenating energy of the sun. Hang crystal on windows that catch the rays of sun directly.

13. Dining Room Mirror Double abundance

Choose a wall mirror that is large enough to suggest wealth and perosperity. A mirror that refelects all family members as well as the food on the table. This mirror will attract good fortune.

14. Managing Fire and water elements

Inside your kitchen make sure that the water tap is not near the stove and doesn’t directly face it. The stove symbolizes the fire element which will react negatively to the water element.

15. Revitalizing Salt rituals in Kitchens

Once a year give the floor, door and walls of the kitchen a salt wipe to ensure that kitchen surfaces are clear of negative shi and that food cooked in your kitchen never gets afflicted by harmful or stagnant energy.

16. Restful Energy in The bedroom

Your bedroom signifies a place of security and sanctuary. It is best to choose soothing colours rather than stimulating ones. Avoid too much yang energy in the bedroom. Try not to activate the bedroom with too many decorative objects especially wedding photos.

17. Cleansing Ceremonies in bedrooms

Wipe all the surfaces in the bedroom with a cleaning cloth dipped in natural salt water. Then, use space clearing tools to cleanse stagnate chi that may have accumulated. Open all your windows and doors to allow good flow of chi.

18. Observe the renovation taboos every year

There are taboo areas to leave well alone. Renovations or other disturbances in these areas will cause misfortune to befall those living in the house. Suppress the afflicted area with cure and enhance the good area.