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The Space Dimension of Feng Shui
13th - 18th April 2015

This is an excellent foundation course on the modern practice of classical space feng shui focusing exclusively on exterior and interior feng shui for houses and apartments. Learn to spot and disarm feng shui threats, read the chi flow of roads, rivers and buildings and methods for selecting land. Learn to work with the symbols of feng shui and apply the two most powerful space compass formulas effectively in your living spaces. Formulas covered include: Landscape Feng Shui, Pakua Formula and Eight Mansions. This course includes a special blessing ceremony to activate your feng shui eye.

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The Time Dimension of Feng Shui
7th - 12th September 2015

Lillian will focus exclusively on the time dimension of feng shui using the powerful Flying Star formula (a.k.a. Xuan Kong Feng Shui or Fey Sin Feng Shui). Flying Star feng shui is easy to learn but harder to practise, as it requires an understanding of both time and space methods. This comprehensive course combines class lectures, case studies and experiential learning to help you master the fundamentals of this incredibly potent formula learn to get your facing directions right, interpret all16 charts, understanding the meanings and strengths of the numbers and update your feng shui annually for maximum good fortune.

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Advanced Formulas of the Luo Pan
13th - 18th October 2014

This used to be known as the Master Consultant’s Course but we’ve revised it extensively to include new topics! Specially tailored for serious feng shui professionals, Lillian will cover advanced applications of Flying Star formula and Castle Gate Doors, the creation of Water Dragon flows and diagnostic investiations into difficult properties. Lillian will also teach 8 Immortals Feng Shui a branch of Taoist Magic not covered in any of her books or previous courses. You will also learn how to select auspicious dates and perform house and land blessing rituals required before construction and moving houses.

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