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Feng Shui Philippines

In Feng Shui, "8" takes over "7"as a Lucky Number

Village Voice Page 10, Leisure Section, May 15-21, 2005 Issue

The World Of Feng Shui Boutique carries a personal collection of "8" jewels inn the form of pendant, ring and earrings, all beautifully matched. Allen says each piece is ready a stunner, but to wear all three is up to the ante in the prosperity stakes.

The World Of Feng Shui boutique is at the Ground Floor, The Podium. For Inquiries, call 914-712, 914-7888 or 910-6000.

The "8" is covered with diamonds for a shimmery look that subtly catches the eye. Price for the "8" collection starts from &388 to $ 588. The dreamy, lacey and romantic look is now infused with the power of the period of Eight-what more can one ask from jewels?

In the world of feng shui, the "mystic knot" and number "8" play an extremely important role. By designs, both are interlinked, as the mystic knot resembles a series of eights, interwoven together into a never ending pattern, In fact, the mystic knot is now particularly powerful as the Period of Eight cycle has start, according to the Feng Shui expert and World Of Feng Shui boutique CEO Marites Allen.

Wear the mystic knot or "8" symbols and be among the first to welcome the Period of Eight, Allen enthuses. The Period of Eight is particularly important, she says, as it marks the end of the previous Period of Seven.

"Everything connected with the Period of Seven has diminished in strength and the number "7" is no longer as lucky as "7" takes over" Allen declares. So all numbers containing a series of eights are now even more auspicious, from telephone, passport, identity card and PIN numbers to car plates.

To wear jewelry designed with interlinked "8s" can only be seen as being in the swim of things, according to her. The period of eight started if February 2003 and will end on February 2023. Investing in personal products vested with his lucky number is worthwhile, she advises as the Period lasts full 20 years.

Allen says: "Changing and fixing your home to be in tune with the New Period of Eight is not easy, as you will need an in-depth knowledge of Flying Star Feng Shui. A quick, easy and just as effective way is to wear jewelry that focuses on the number a "8". The "8" she continues, can appear as a straightforward digit or designed as several "8s" meshed together.

According to Allen, the mystic knot can be used to activate undying love and never ending success and riches.

"Worn today when we are in the Period of Eight can only enhance its power manifold, "she says, adding that the number "8" also resembles the infinity sign, a classic symbol of luck in both Europe and Asia.

To purchase "The Power of 8" collection, please visit

WOFS Philippines

Ground Floor, The Podium 18 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila Philippines

Name : Marites C.B Allen
Tel: + 63 2 9147112
Fax:+ 63 2 9106001
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.