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Feng Shui Philippines

MIRROR - Feng Shui Tips Invite Wealth Into Your Home by Chat Alejandro

Lillian Too, world-renowned Feng Shui writer and founder of the World Of Feng Shui Boutiques, describes Feng Shui as an ancient science whose origin goes back at least 3,500 years ago. The practice of Feng Shui has its roots in the Chinese way of viewing the universe where everything categorically belongs to five (5) basic elements. These elements take on implications of positive (yang) or negative (yin) energy or "chi".

Feng Shui is neither a religion nor myth. Its simple philosophy contains the promise of meaningful abundance, prosperity and happiness, and its practice in a modern context requires an understanding of its fundamentals, access to its various formulas, and sufficient experience that allow for meaningful and correct interpretation of its guidelines and practice.

The word Feng Shui means wind and water. It is also the science of choosing a living surrounding where the elements and the energies are harmoniously balanced, thus bringing good life to those who inhabit that surrounding. Likewise, it is also an art or skill obtained from experience and common sense – the skill of arranging one’s living and work space to further strengthen this vital balance and harmony.

Lillian says that mysticism somehow envelops the practice of Feng Shui. To understand the numerous precepts, she further explains that one needs to accepts the basic theories about the universe which may seem strange in the context of modern day perceptions of the way the world works. Descriptions of landscapes and environments are hidden in symbolic representations. Metaphors adhere to classical and mythical Chinese references to animals, elements and the intangible forces of yin and yang energies are reflected in the ancient roots of this science.

In order to let wealth and prosperity come to your life, you must first cleanse yourself and your surroundings. In doing so, you should let go of your “excess baggage” (i.e. bad feelings, negative thoughts, ill intentions). Likewise, declutter your work and/or living area of junk. Put those useless things away by discarding, recycling or giving them away to those who may find them still useful like old clothes, furniture, books, shoes, etc.

After cleansing, ring a bell or singing bowl and put a small bowl of rock salt on the de-cluttered area. If you wish to invite wealth into your home, office or business area, de-clutter, cleanse and purify the southeast portion or corner of the room, office or store space. The southeast is the sector for wealth, prosperity and abundance, according to Lillian Too. With the help of a compass, map out this portion of the southeast.

The Chinese have been applying Feng Shui for thousand of years to correct afflictions and enhance good energy in their living spaces and surroundings, as well as bring them good luck and wealth. Lillian Too shares some tips and pointers from the World Of Feng Shui on how to attract prosperity and improve your fortune.

If you have the desire to win or be popular, put a tribute horse in the south sector of your home/office. In ancient China, gifts and spoils of war were often given to emperors and powerful court officials led in on a tribute horse. If you are in a competitive situation at work, in business or a competitive sport, this is one of the best energizers to victory luck. Horses and light, particularly red, are very suitable for this sector. Plants are also very good here. As wood produces fire, it will also help energize the luck.

To invite prosperity to your homes, attach a coin and bell tied with a red ribbon to your door knob. The bells should be placed at the front door facing outside and the coins on the inside.

Always sit with a solid wall behind you to provide strong support. Hang a picture of a mountain or have a dragon tortoise behind you to symbolize solid support for your business. Hang a string of Nine Emperor Coins behind you at work to provide solid financial support for your business.

The southeast governs wealth luck, and is of the wood element. To activate the growth energy of the wood element, place leafy green plants here. Display gem trees with gold coins tied to their branches to signify the growth of money luck. A mini water feature is also a very good enhancer for this sector.

The three-piece prosperity coins activated with red ribbon bring such auspicious feng shui. You should have them everywhere since they attract money luck wherever they are placed. Keep them in your wallet. Attach them to all your important files to increase your business. Remember to energize your telephone, fax machine and personal computer. Do the same under your floor rugs, tables and chairs.

Get several wealth ships laden with “fake jewels and golden ingots”. Position them so there are at least one each, sailing inwards from your individual “wealth direction”. This wealth ship represents many different sources of income entering your premises. Never display empty ships. Make sure they are sailing in, NOT out.

Get some figurines of three-legged toads with a coin in the mouth and place them in a discreet area of your office. You may place a toad diagonally from the door, under a table/sofa, on the floor or behind a cabinet. You can have as many as you like but nine are recommended. You can scatter them around your house, positioned either going in or out, it does not matter.

For more feng shui tips, enhancers, and consultations, visit the World Of Feng Shui Boutique at the ground floor of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. It is a unique shop - the first in the country that offers a wide selection of Feng Shui - related items, acticles, books and more.

The following article is taken from the "MIRROR (Jan 2005)"