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Feng shui is the art of living in harmony with your environment and with those around you. It is the science of maneuvering the energies to attract abundance, good fortune and happiness your way. Practised in a modern setting, attaining auspicious feng shui need not be complicated. Often easy methods can also get you the results you want.

Lillian Too has always been an advocate of simplicity in the use of feng shui. Indeed, it is this great skill of hers, the ability to simplify what appears to be complicated, that has let her make this amazing living skill accessible to so many. This issue, she shares a host of brilliant ideas on how you can use the Art of Placement, another name for the practice of symbolic feng shui, to create some magic in your life and to bring good fortune into the lives of your household.

As a family, we travelled this month to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, the Land of the Blue Dragon, to watch my son Jack compete in his first International Piano Competition. As well as witnessing some incredibly beautiful music played by budding talents of the future, we also enjoyed the effortless good energy the city exuded.

While Vietnam has not had an easy history, the Vietnam of today projects nothing that suggests this. The people were incredibly warm and friendly, and the architecture, culture and cuisine made the trip truly enjoyable. There are malls in Saigon like in any other city, but it was deep inside the little street shops that Lillian picked up some real treasures – read more in this issue. When you travel to a destination that radiates great energy, there’s nothing better than to find a meaningful souvenir to take home with you, not just to remind you of good times but to bring some of that happy energy home with you, just like she did.

Happiness as an end-goal has become as sought after as health and wealth, the other two aspirations that make up the trinity that make for a complete life. In this vein, Dato Kee Hua Chee interviews five of KL’s prominent personalities posing the question – what is happiness to them? Funnily, last issue when he posed a similar question – what is success? – the answers that came back were more to do with contentment and happiness than material benchmarks. He also interviews KL’s King of Clubbing, Cher Ng, who co-owns Zouk KL whose drive and determination saw him pursue his passion for music and DJ’ing to rise up the ranks from roadie to nightclub royalty.

This month we also put the spotlight on some mega names. From Hollywood, we look at Dwayne Johnson; based on his Paht Chee birth chart, his choice of moniker “The Rock” may well have made a significant contribution to his meteoric rise to success. He also benefits from multiple ally combinations in his Earthly Branches. Bollywood’s Priyanka Chopra is another name to watch; she makes her Hollywood debut opposite Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch this month and her chart looks incredibly strikingly similar to his.

Wonder Woman meanwhile scored big at the Box Office, with previously unknown star Gal Gadot filling the shoes of this beloved DC Comics superhero very well indeed. Paired with director Patty Jenkins, the duo personify woman power in a year when women are feeling more empowered than ever.

The Trumps are rarely out of the news these days and Jared Kushner, golden son-in-law, has been taking a lot of heat on the Russian election investigations that seem to be making up most of the political news coming out of Washington these days. Hanni Lim takes a detailed look at his Paht Chee, looking into the crystal ball with some unbelievable findings. This young man, husband of Ivanka Trump is going places; it looks like no obstacle can stop him becoming increasingly more important at least for the next seven years. Great things lie ahead in the future of this young man.

Our travel correspondent Helen Oon takes us to Melbourne, a city founded on gold. Its reputation as the Jewel of the Southern Hemisphere is well-earned, and while the city itself holds great charm, the scenery beyond Melbourne, on the coastline of Victoria is beyond breathtaking. For nature lovers and to be at peace with oneself, she shows us its well worth doing this drive.

Another place worth visiting is the brand new city built for Expo 2017 hosted by Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Expo 2017’s theme is Future Energy, where experts and technological innovation leaders from over 100 countries will congregate to discuss, display and debate on the future of sustainable energy. This fairly young country is also very feng shui savvy indeed and it looks like Kazakhstan is the place to watch and to visit.

A term in architecture and construction that should get more credence with feng shui practitioners is the “Fixer Upper”, i.e. doing quick and easy renovations to renew the energy of your space. Fixer uppers are usually called for when you need to renovate to rent out or sell a place, to make the property presentable and immediately habitable for a new family. But fixer uppers are also incredibly useful to refresh tired energy of your own home. While you can make do with peeling paint, stained carpets, a tired look, budgeting for an annual fix-up of the home not only makes you feel better about your home, it brings better luck fast. Chris Yeo demystifies the “fixer upper” with suggestions on how to do it at minimal cost and with maximum results.

Lets enjoy summer together!