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There has been so much aggressive behavior emanating from the WEST these days, no doubt due to the #3 hostility star in the West sector of the Feng Shui chart. First we see President Trump sending Tomahawk missiles to bomb a Syrian Airbase, purportedly in reaction to Bashar Al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons which brought forth an expected hostile response from Russia’s President Putin, a declared ally of Syria. Next came Trump announcing he was sending an “armada of powerful aircraft carriers” into North Korean waters in response to Kim Jong-Un’s missile testing… all within the space of one week opening the possibility of a declaration of war on not one but two fronts! Both actions done while warmly hosting China’s Premier Xi Jinping as his honoured guest at Mar a lago.

Mixed signals indeed, but prompting everyone to wonder if indeed there might be war anytime soon!

The Trumps are flexing their muscles. Donald Trump with his finger poised on the nuclear button demonstrating the power of his Presidency. His wife Melania Trump, once thought of as the “Reluctant First Lady” is no longer as absentee as was initially indicated. She could well revive the days of Jackie Kennedy’s Camelot, releasing an incredible official portrait that shows off her 25-carat diamond ring and successfully getting the UK’s Daily Mail to publish a front page apology for writing about her past, even it is reported getting compensated millions for something they wrote about her. The lady’s not for trifling with! She is no softy; she has her own agendas with super model good looks to boot. Her destiny chart has even more powerful stars than her husband’s, suggesting she was perhaps instrumental in helping him win the Presidency.

Read our analysis on the possibility of a Third World war this year and our feature on the ever glamorous Melania!

A re-look at this Rooster Year chart reminds us the #3 hostile star is in the Rooster sector, suggesting that hostilities amongst the superpowers may well escalate. Meanwhile, terrorism continues to rear its ugly head around the world, with attacks in London, Stockholm and Paris within weeks of each other. Victims of these attacks just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, which is why we urge everyone to carry amulet protection, because these days wearing spiritual protection is definitely the prudent thing to do.

Lillian Too’s most recent spiritual journey was to attend the opening of Khenpo Delek Rinpoche’s new King Gesar Temple of Ling in Dehradun in Northern India. the foothills of the Himalayas. Rinpoche had requested help from Lillian to design the feng shui of the temple; Hanni Lim, who participated in the process from land blessing to design work, then following the construction, brings us an impressive case study, which shows how all three dimensions of feng shui were incorporated into the planning of the temple.

The building has a larger than life size statue of King Gesar sitting astride his mighty Windhorse in the courtyard. In the legends, it is told that King Gesar will eventually take rebirth once again on Earth to fight an epic final battle against the forces of evil, thereafter bringing a thousand years of peace to the world. With so many hostile developments taking place, it seems timely to take a look at the King Gesar legends.

And how auspicious then that Khenpo arranged for Lillian and her husband to concurrently celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, alongside the opening of the King Gesar temple, which features the auspicious dance of the snow lion, several days of pujas and a big party showcasing various styles of Tibetan folk dancing served up by the large community of Ling! It was a celebration akin to my Mum and Dad renewing their vows to each other. What a beautiful way to celebrate love and togetherness, and how blessed to have a High Lama preside over the pujas with special friends. Surely the best kind of spiritual feng shui!

Read Lillian’s personal account of their break in Dehradun.

This issue, we also bring you also Helen Oon’s travel piece on marvelous Morocco, the setting for so many movie classics, including Lawrence of Arabia and The Gladiator. Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains offer scenery that will take your breath away.

Meanwhile in London, the latest must-see exhibition is Diana: Her Fashion Story at Kensington Palace, which celebrates the life of one of the world’s most unforgettable icons. She was the epitome of style, glamour, humanity, kindness and compassion. It is 20 years since her death, but her magic lives on. Her short but unforgettable life covered boundless adoration from the public and immense loneliness behind closed doors. She is in the news because her sons Prince William and Harry have recently made headlines around the world revealing how the loss of their mother affected them deeply. Princess Diana’s story told through the gowns she wore makes for riveting reading indeed!

This leads on to Shahreen Kamaluddin’s piece on Vibrational Alignment and Lulu Lee’s reflections on “hangdogs” and energy vampires. Life is too short to be unhappy, and happiness stems from the frequencies at which we operate. A very effective way to enjoy happiness is to re-calibrate our energies, which will help us achieve our professional and personal goals easily and joyously. Read how inside!

On home design, Chris Yeo talks about façades. While much focus is often placed on the interiors of homes, the exterior is the face one presents to the world. In feng shui, this is as important as what is privately enjoyed within. We also bring you Chinese beauty Teniya Tao, fast making a name for herself in the UK with her snail masks, specially developed to suit Asian skin, something that promises crystal clear complexion – of which Teniya herself is a walking advertisement.

Phillip Lim’s Paht Chee series covers the Toxic Star while those interested in looking into what the future holds for them individually might wish to catch Lillian Too’s interesting piece on Chinese Hand Reading.

In the meantime, we wish you a very romantic month of May!