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Chinese New Year comes early this year, in January; but February is the month of the Spring when the official day of the Lap Chun comes around. Feb 4th is the start of the Chinese Solar Calendar year, and Flying Star adheres to this calculation of time; this is when the energies that determine the year’s destiny trends really start to make their switch, which can be good or bad news. How these changes affect you personally depend on several factors – mainly your animal sign, your personal Paht Chee and the abodes in which you spend most of your time – i.e. your home and your office.

When I say good or bad news - that is speaking relatively; because when you learn feng shui and apply it to your situation, you are always aiming to improve your luck – so it is immaterial whether you are starting from a low base or a higher base, because the goal is the same. The way we like to approach our feng shui is very systematic… first fixing all the afflictions, then magnifying all the good fortune indications. Every year has both good and bad, and everyone goes through good and bad years – it just depends on where you are in your luck cycle. If you methodically fix what’s wrong and enhance what’s right, you can make any year better for you personally.

We bring you a Paht Chee Bonanza to illustrate this. Of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, Horse-born people suffer the most number of afflictions in 2017, not least the Five Yellow, whose malignant energies get enhanced by the Fire of the South sector. Phillip Lim’s timely article looks at six famous Horse-born personalities and analyzes their fortunes - but note that not all Horse-born share the same fate; other factors can be just as important. Whenever you forecast your luck, it is thus invaluable to also look at your own Paht Chee chart.

Another point to note when using feng shui is to not get so caught up in the formulas that you forget the big picture. Form school and symbolic feng shui are often as or even more important than studying the many numerological charts. Hanni Lim’s article on Samsung’s head office in Silicon Valley makes this staggeringly clear. While feng shui is an incredibly rich and diverse science, before you peel back the layers, remember that what is most important is sometimes more obvious than you think.

This issue we bring you a Love Special because February is also a month of love. The Western world celebrates Valentine’s on 14th Feb, while Chap Goh Meh – which some call the Chinese Valentine’s Day – falls on Feb 11th. This is the day of the first full moon of the New Year; it is a night to cement one’s fortunes for the year, especially when it comes to love. There are all kinds of rituals the Chinese always practise on this night, which we share in this issue.

Whether you are looking for new love, or looking to revive love that has lost its luster over the years, there are specific methods you can use. If there’s one thing you need if romance is important to you, it is a magic mirror. Pick one that you have affinity with and use it as your personal tool to make some real magic in your life. Yes we believe in magic, but after all, what is magic but influencing outcomes through means not immediately explicable. To this end, we are convinced that David Copperfield - whom we got to watch in Las Vegas recently - is not merely an illusionist but possibly a magician of the highest caliber. After all these years he is still at the top of his game, entertaining his audience with his incredible feats; whether you consider those feats illusion or magic is simply a point of view.

Another entertainer not to be missed is Elton John, who is back in residency at Caesar’s Palace this January performing The Million Dollar Piano. The opening show just after Christmas opened to a full house, and was a particular treat because he played all his hit songs; and he has been around long enough for him to have a long, long list of hit songs – in fact too long for him to play them all!

This has been a great year for movies and TV, and the big winner at the Golden Globes was La La Land, gaining accolades for its director Damien Chazelle and its two leads Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, as well as picking up awards for its music and screenplay. Interestingly, these three main players in this movie form the astrological triangle of Competitors, putting them on great form for the upcoming Oscars this February.

Another winner at the Globes was the fabulous Claire Foy, who won for her turn as Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix drama The Crown, a hot new series that has refocused the spotlight on the British monarchy. Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 90th birthday last year; she has also become the longest serving monarch on the British throne. 2017 however brings some danger in terms of her Paht Chee. We take a look at both her and Prince Charles’ charts to make some predictions.

We also feature two fabulous personalities this issue – Amber Chia, Malaysia’s first model to go truly international - Dato Kee Hua Chee uncovers this gorgeous lady’s very colourful life story; while over in the UK, Helen Oon introduces us to Kenneth Soh, make-up artist to the stars.

With feng shui applications, Lillian Too reminds us to be bold when it comes to putting remedies and activators in place. While subtlety has its plus points, sometimes, so does audacity. She revisits the 2017 chart to identify where you need to put more attention when updating your feng shui this year.

The New Year is also an important time to refresh your home energies and Chris Yeo shares some ideas for updating your walls to renew the chi energies within your home. And while spring-cleaning the home is important, so is regular mental spring-cleaning, as our lifestyle guru Shahreen Kamaluddin reminds us in her piece on Letting Go.

Happy Chap Goh Meh. May we all find every kind of love in this wonderful Spring month of February.