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In the last few weeks, so much of the world’s attention has been focused on the US Elections, and many of the mainstream media outlets expressed shock, surprise even outrage at the eventual result; but on hindsight, perhaps they missed what was obvious all along. Much earlier in the game, when Donald Trump first announced his candidacy and before he became the Republican candidate, Lillian Too had already predicted based on his luck charts that he has what it takes to make it all the way. But following his campaign over the last few months, she became even more convinced.

In this issue, she takes a closer look at the next US President and how he crept up on all the experts to capture the White House. She reexamines his Paht Chee together with the astrological indications of his family members, who no doubt will continue to play significant roles in his Presidency, as they did all through his campaign. Donald Trump has famously said in the past, “I don’t need to believe in feng shui. If it makes me rich, I will use it.” Widely-published photos of every nook and corner of his penthouse, quite literally a mansion in the skies, suggests however that he does!

We also had to mention Trump’s philosophy; he has the mind of a winner and this is exactly what the feng shui mindset is about. This coming year, the Winning Star, also known as the Victory Star #1, flies to the center of the chart. Those who can capture its energies can truly make the most of the Rooster Year – something which Lillian goes into much detail on in her Extravaganza Roadshow, which began in Singapore Nov 20th. Her next date will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Sunday Dec 11th 2016 at Hotel Istana. Do not miss this!

While feng shui is often described as an art of placement, it is also an art of thinking, and this is the focus of Lillian’s recent Course on Spiritual Feng Shui, where her students learned to unleash their “Dragon Power”. You can call this making magic; in the sense that results come in ways that can be quite phenomenal, as described by some of her students within. The Dragon has always held mystique in Chinese culture, and this coming year, the Dragon has a disproportionately large role to play. It is timely then that Malaysia unveils a brand new Dragon in Johor. Lim Han Jin takes a visit to this marvelous new attraction in our Southern-most state.

Our movie feature this issue takes a second look at Dr Strange, Marvel’s latest superhero to hit the big screen. While it has all the special effects and fast-moving action you would expect from a big-studio production, at its heart is a very spiritual storyline. Much of it is set in Katmandu and the Himalayas, which touches a real chord, as this is a pilgrimage land that Lillian visits often and has led countless groups of students on.

As we enter the festive month of Christmas and New Year, our columnist Dato Halimah reflects on the different kinds of friendships we keep as we move through life, and the importance of each kind. Everybody needs friends, although the relationships with each can take on very different flavours. Datin Jeannie Chung, who has built up a fabulous world for herself since losing her husband and love of her life ten years ago is testament to the power of friendships. She chats with Hanni Lim on moving on and living life. Life coach Shahreen Kamaluddin reiterates the importance of learning to love yourself, from which everything that is good and beautiful can thereon grow from.

Our Paht Chee column by Phillip Lim talks about the Retreating Star, with South Korean’s president Park Guen Hye as an example, while Chris Yeo simplifies the design process when making over any home, office or premises, with an emphasis on options and compromises.

Amongst the busy-ness of life, it is also important to find time to take a break, even for a short weekend away. Travel is often quoted as the only thing that makes you richer – apart from feng shui of course! – and this is true because it opens your mind, rejuvenates the soul and expands your horizons.

Helen Oon takes us to Tohoku in Japan, a hidden gem in the Northeast region of Honshu, where she explores the three sacred mountains and retraces the footsteps of the Shoguns and the Samurai. They believe one can gain enlightenment through strengthening the bond between man and nature. Lillian Too meanwhile revisits Mussoorie in the North of India, home of Khenpo Delek Rinpoche and now also to one of the world’s most stunning statues of Guru Rinpoche on the grounds of Mindroling monastery.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas, happy New Year and happy reading!