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Master Practitioners Course in Feng Shui
24 - 29 Apr 2017
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the-power-of-waterIn the element cycle, Water is the only element that is able to tap all our sensory organs from sight, sound, taste and touch. How we introduce this element into our environment would have an effect on how we perceive and appreciate the space.
Spiritual Feng Shui is the third and most powerful dimension of feng shui practice! This year Lillian will reveal the powerful ways of COSMIC SPACE CLEANSING to invite the blessings of WEALTH, HEALTH and HAPPINESS into your life! Learn to perform your very own house blessings, remove negative energy and revitalize your living spaces for greater harmony and peace. Sacred rituals of the four cosmic elements that will transform your living spaces will be taught at the Spiritual feng shui event!

Lillian Too's The 3rd Dimension in Feng Shui 2012

Date & Time:
22nd July 2012, Sunday
9am to 4pm

Marina Mandarin Ballroom, Level 1, Marina Mandarin Singapore, 6 Raffles Boulevard,
Marina Square, Singapore
Lillian Too's The 3rd Dimension in Feng Shui

Sunday, 22nd July 2012
  Ticket price:
S$88 till 21st July 2012
S$128 on 22nd July 2012


Message from Lillian Too

Lately I seem to be reading so much bad news in the papers... especially news of violence and robbery. The safety of shopping centre carparks in particular seem to have taken a down-turn of late as almost every other week we hear of someone being mugged or assaulted on the way to their cars. Just last month Twitter and Facebook was abuzz about the kidnapping of this lovely boy Nayati and last week two women - one of whom I know personally - was attacked while walking to her carpark at lunch time! I've also started noticing news about natural disasters that are creeping up on us... forest fires in Colorado and Sumatra, and recently my brother Phillip told me of a minor earthquake that happened at the outskirts of Melbourne two days ago with 60 aftershocks! All this has prompted me to check my charts again and I suddenly now remember what's happening to the energies of the world!
If you recall during my Extravaganza, I explained that the first half of the year would be more peaceful and promising in terms of Growth and international relations than the second half. But come the Autumn Season the pillars will start to clash again and I can see that the energies have already started to change. (And by the way, please don't forget my advice on getting out of the financial markets after Summer!) We are now at the end of June and by the end of July the season of Autumn would have officially begun! Thus the energies will start to enter into a state of imbalance very soon and unfortunately this continues until the end of the Dragon year.
The end of July is also when we prepare to head into the month of the Hungry Ghost festivals... a period where the Gates of the Underworld open up and many hungry spirits will be released to roam the Earth for about a month. This is of course a very dangerous time for us humans... as the chances of running into mishaps and accidents become multiplied millions of times...and harm from being mentally disturbed by spirits are almost inevitable. Unless of course one is knowledgeable on the sacred methods of the ancients... who have used the methods of incense burning and amulets to appease and placate these very hungry spirits and transform them into friendly and peaceful friends! But more than that the Ancients also knew how to harness the vibrations of sound, and the energies of water, fire and air to bless a space... making it sacred... and making it safe from the harm of spiritual interference!
This is what I want to share with you during my event on Sunday July 22nd!! I am very excited to be going deeper into the topic of cosmic space cleansing where you will be learning how to use cosmic sonic vibrations and the four elements to refresh and rejuvenate your space, and to transform it from ordinary space to sacred living spaces that bathe and envelope you with good energy all the time. Devote one Sunday in July with me and I will teach you how to perform blessings on your own home... and to remove yin energies that have accumulated in your home for many years... energy left over from quarrels, illness and even death! I will also teach you the SUCCESS rituals needed to boost your good fortune. Many of us will need to increase our Success Chi more than ever if we are to get through the remaining half of the year. Remember that the dark half of the year begins from 31st October... and hence this is why I've scheduled my 3D events during the middle of the year!
Over the years my knowledge of the cosmic world has grown significantly and I increasingly find that SPIRITUAL FENG SHUI is so potent and so important that it must not be overlooked if one wants to truly enjoy a happy life filled with good fortune, prosperity and good health. Many people are often only able to enjoy one or two out of the three types of good fortune - Health, Wealth and Prosperity - and this is because we really need our practice of manipulating and balancing energies to be complete...
Good and lasting feng shui comes from practicing all three dimensions of feng shui well... the SPACE, the TIME and the SPIRITUAL aspects of feng shui. Every year I dedicate the first two months giving updates to all my friends and readers on Space and Time feng shui through my Extravaganzas... but my 3D Spiritual Feng Shui event in Singapore is when I devote a full day to sharing aspects of the SPIRITUAL dimension! I've benefited so much from using all its methods with such mind blowing results and it is my hope to now share more and more knowledge on this very deep and very powerful subject with you! In fact right now I'm very happily working on my new book on Spiritual feng shui... which I hope to be able to publish very soon!
See you in July !
With Love
ps: I'm told by my staff that prices are about to go up end of the month so do order your tickets now if you would like to enjoy some savings!