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Master Practitioners Course in Feng Shui
22 - 27 Sept 2014

Written on 12/04/2014, 15:14 by ericlee
skulls-are-they-good-or-bad-feng-shuiSkulls mean different things to different people. Fashioned from beautiful crystal, skulls can exude a special brilliance that suggests mystical magic from another era and even another planet.
Written on 30/03/2014, 11:13 by ericlee
boost-powerful-mentor-luck-to-attract-helpful-supportive-people-into-your-lifeNever underestimate the importance of enhancing mentor luck to bring you help and luck when you need it.
Written on 27/03/2014, 16:28 by hoemun
flying-star-feng-shui-update-3rd-month-of-the-jia-wu-wood-horse-year (5th April 2014 - 5th May 2014)
Written on 27/03/2014, 13:03 by ericlee
feng-shui-world-latest-issue-apr-2014-is-out-get-your-copy-nowThis is our Spring issue and it is now a good time to observe how 2014 is panning out, for us here in SE Asia and for the world.
Written on 19/03/2014, 10:14 by ericlee
8-easy-ways-to-improve-your-chances-for-successIf you are seriously ambitious to make it big in your career, you can use feng shui to give yourself a boost. Good career feng shui usually manifests itself in the form of increased opportunities.
Written on 11/03/2014, 11:48 by ericlee
aunt-agga-issue-94Aunt Agga answers questions about graveyard shift, peacocks, missing southeast, and love relationship gone wrong!
Written on 05/03/2014, 15:15 by ericlee
ritual-of-moving-house-helping-jennifer-enter-her-new-home-auspiciouslyAt the tail end of the Rabbit Year 2011, my daughter Jennifer and her family got ready to enter their new home and I was determined to make very sure they got it right.
Written on 02/01/2014, 17:41 by hoemun
2014-year-of-the-horse-annual-forecastHighlights of the Year of the Wood Horse and the Feng Shui Chart of 2014
Written on 02/01/2014, 10:31 by hoemun
your-luck-and-remedies-in-the-year-of-the-wood-horse-2014Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar
Written on 03/11/2013, 16:23 by ericlee
how-to-dejunk-unwanted-files-from-your-computer-and-work-deskDejunking your mind and your space should also extend to your computer, which stores so much of our rubbish these days.
Written on 27/10/2013, 17:54 by ericlee
bedrooms-practicality-vs-aestheticsWhen it comes to design, there needs to be a balance between what looks cool and what makes sense. Many designers tend to lose perspective of this and tend to design without any consideration to the requirements of the client, instead, opting for the 'coolest' design.
Written on 14/10/2013, 14:18 by ericlee
the-master-square-of-81The Master Square of 81 extends the analysis of changing energy patterns in buildings and takes the practice of time dimensional feng shui into deeper, more subtle magical territory.
Written on 01/10/2013, 11:28 by ericlee
fabulous-feng-shui-of-melbourneMelbourne has moved up once again in the rankings compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit. YES Melbourne has been ranked as number one in a survey of 140 cities around the world in August 2011 by the ETU as the world's most livable city.
Written on 17/09/2013, 15:28 by ericlee
a-big-thank-you-for-celebrating-with-usOur Grand Opening of Kingdom of Shambala over the weekend was a sensational success, thanks to all who came from all corners of Malaysia and Singapore!
Written on 12/08/2013, 15:04 by
creating-value-in-homesWhen we think about our Home Value, we always refer to its location and floor area. But what we don’t think about is its Psychic Value, the value of how much we cherish our homes and the value we place on a property when we resell it.
Written on 28/07/2013, 14:19 by
create-the-chi-of-wealthSo much of successful feng shui practice comes from cleverly harnessing the powerful chi of SYMBOLS that if you travel the length and breadth of China today, everywhere you will see evidence of this Symbolism.
Written on 16/07/2013, 15:41 by hoemun
accidents-mishaps-and-danger-doubles-with-the-double-5-yellow-during-hungry-ghost-month Every year the Hungry Ghost Month dawns upon us on the 7th lunar month of the year – a time where the Gates of the underworld open for a 30 days! During this month millions of spirits, demons and ghosts are unleashed..
Written on 07/07/2013, 16:33 by
building-energyEver wondered how buildings affect the way we view our world? It is so natural to live in a state on NON AWARENESS and for many of us, this is how we are, walking, living and doing things while quite oblivious to our surroundings.
Written on 20/06/2013, 08:00 by
how-to-transform-your-living-space-to-attract-good-fortuneIt is important to attune yourself to the clearing process. The act itself is a departure from a normal kind of day. It is a departure from routine, and the mind gets a creative jolt that is not unwelcome. When the mind focuses on the process of dejunking physical space, it automatically goes into cleansing mode.
Written on 27/05/2013, 08:00 by
messages-from-birdsI am charmed by this because I know that birds coming into the home spells excellent feng shui. Indeed, birds have been sharing my house for a long time. This started years ago when a pair of mynahs started living in the eaves of my home at the back.

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10 Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Spiritual Power

Work at creating channels for the inner spirituality within you to flow outwards. This will add to your charisma and make you a lot more attractive. It will also give your spoken words enhanced power. The special energy unleashed will also work at dispelling all negativities.


Meditate daily to gain inner awareness. Close your eyes to shut out distractions, breathe normally, stay relaxed and then direct your mind to go deep inside yourself. Do this for a few moments each day until you become familiar with the exercise. It will soon help you rest your mind, increase your clarity of thinking, and open the inner depths of your own thought processes to you.

Set yourself simple goals and establish the correct motivation for becoming spiritual. It must pure and devoid of hidden negative agenda. The key to using mental power is to be able to establish and maintain this purity, so always check your motives before you begin.

You must guard strongly against poverty programming. Stop worrying about a rainy day. People who are generous are programming themselves for a life of prosperity. Don’t let simple things such as saving money on electricity take over your life. The more relaxed you are about money, and everything that is connected with spending, the more likely you are to make your finances grow. Feng shui to attract wealth rarely works well for stingy people with closed minds. It works beautifully for people who are expansive and generous. Adjust your attitudes as well as your motivations.

Using mental visualizations to bring power to your intentions lies in using the mind to create pictures that have a canny way of becoming reality. Think of all the outcomes you are wishing for as you feng shui the rooms of your home. It is this visualization that will cause you to actualize all your wishes into reality.

Spend ten minutes each day mentally going through the rooms of your house in which you live and spend time. Meditate on your space and imagine a gust of fresh air sweeping away the cobwebs and the clutter that tends to stick in the mind after a hard day’s work. Try to create a situation in which you actually feel a gush of fresh cold air so that you can recreate its refreshing feeling in your mind.

Encourage your subconscious mind to dream and to retain the memories of your dreaming by placing “kusha grass” underneath your pillow. Over time, your dreams will become more and more auspicious. Pleasant dreams always lead to happy outcomes.

Unlocking mental magic lies in your ability to focus your mind on a goal and to visualize yourself achieving that goal. Visualize successful scenarios for yourself and your family, and combine these mental exercises with good physical feng shui in the home.

Create a mental picture of a gentle white light embracing your home each night just before you go to sleep. By doing this, you are creating protection for everyone living in your home. If you make this visualization part of your nightly routine, you will over time also be strengthening your mind’s ability to focus.

Every morning, while you are still in the half-asleep mode, focus your mind on the happiness of waking up to a brand new day, alive and well. Focus on the positive outcomes you would like to achieve today. Visualize only good news coming to you, and only good people entering your life. This way, only good results will come from all your actions.

Regularly activate for good luck by developing the habit of practising mental feng shui each day. Walk through the rooms of your home and around your garden and think about what you would like to change, replace or improve. Daily exercises in awareness help to stimulate new ideas that will allow you to enhance your home’s energy. By increasing your awareness of your home, you are enhancing it with the vital essence of your own energy.


The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( November/December 2010)". To subscribe, please click here.