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Can anyone help with the analysis on my son's chart, particularly in health, wealth and career? Can I also ask how does the chart analysis differ for twins? He is my elder son. Does the analysis apply for my younger son too?

1 Nov 2006, 1102am

Thank you]]>
Purple Star Astrology Fri, 24 Feb 2017 07:37:37 +0800
Subject: Love compaitablility - by: Shannon545 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/19-love/36602-love-compaitablility#36602 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/19-love/36602-love-compaitablility#36602
Will I marry him and live in harmony ? If yes, what year?

Jia xin ding yi
Wu wei hai Chou

How is my love life this year?]]>
Love Fri, 24 Feb 2017 01:08:42 +0800
Subject: Learning Bagua Map of my house - by: Ninie5270 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/21-feng-shui-placement/36589-learning-bagua-map-of-my-house#36589 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/21-feng-shui-placement/36589-learning-bagua-map-of-my-house#36589
Should I paint my main door & balcony door (upper floor) red in color since it's in south direction.


Feng Shui Placement Thu, 23 Feb 2017 01:30:52 +0800
Subject: Please Help..so many fire in my bazi - by: indospl http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36585-please-help-so-many-fire-in-my-bazi#36585 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36585-please-help-so-many-fire-in-my-bazi#36585 Hoping that someone is willing to do a bazi reading for me? what jobs and carreer best for me ? Thank you in advance!

Juny 15, 1972
12:30 pm
Four Pillars Wed, 22 Feb 2017 23:56:29 +0800
Subject: Please advice my _Bazhi_ - Thanks alot! - by: elitetan http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36580-new-please-advice-my-bazhi-thanks-alot#36580 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36580-new-please-advice-my-bazhi-thanks-alot#36580 Time: 12:13pm (afternoon)
Location: Singapore.

Please advice my Bazhi Reading. Thanks alot in advanced ]]>
Four Pillars Wed, 22 Feb 2017 20:44:23 +0800
Subject: Bazi & Living in ... please help... - by: lavande http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36565-bazi-living-in-please-help#36565 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36565-bazi-living-in-please-help#36565 Hi masters,

please help me with my bazi and reading in case of living.

DOB 31. december 1981, TOB 18:48 p.m., GMT +1 Berlin, female
1) Is it true, that it is better for me to live in a town (Yang) as in a small village (yin)?
2) is it true, that a yin daymaster needs an Yang-Region?
3) which year is good for me to move in another apartment: 2017,2018,2019,2020,2021,2022?
4) in general: how i can remedy the sector and life-situation, when tai sui in a house was activated by another person?

Thank you very much,

Yours Lavande]]>
Four Pillars Wed, 22 Feb 2017 00:23:27 +0800
Subject: Career Change 2017 - by: klim http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/13-career/36553-career-change-2017#36553 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/13-career/36553-career-change-2017#36553
I started my 2017 with a new career change from accounting to software consultant.

My current job is within the private banking software industry. May I know if being a software consultant is right choice for me as there are people who told me it a fire element while some said it water ?

My DOB : 9/3/1985

Gender: Male]]>
Career Tue, 21 Feb 2017 16:45:42 +0800
Subject: Wu Lou for the sick person - by: LearnFengShui http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/18-health/36552-wu-lou-for-the-sick-person#36552 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/18-health/36552-wu-lou-for-the-sick-person#36552 I dont know the sector of his bedroom. Is it wise to put 2pcs wu lou in his bedroom?]]> Health Tue, 21 Feb 2017 16:30:38 +0800 Subject: Flying Star Feng Shui is Dying? - by: LearnFengShui http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/8-flying-star-feng-shui/36551-flying-star-feng-shui-is-dying#36551 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/8-flying-star-feng-shui/36551-flying-star-feng-shui-is-dying#36551 cheongsoonhaur.com/feng-shui/xuan-kong-f...ying-1/#.WKv0V9J97IU

What do you think about that article? Is that true?]]>
Flying Star Feng Shui Tue, 21 Feb 2017 16:05:12 +0800
Subject: Love 2017 - by: marieian78 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/19-love/36549-love-2017#36549 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/19-love/36549-love-2017#36549


4th Nov 78

Love Tue, 21 Feb 2017 13:33:24 +0800
Subject: Help bazi - by: marieian78 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/22-chinese-zodiac/36545-help-bazi#36545 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/22-chinese-zodiac/36545-help-bazi#36545 Chinese Zodiac Tue, 21 Feb 2017 12:21:11 +0800 Subject: Help with Chart - by: bwazap http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/36531-help-with-chart#36531 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/36531-help-with-chart#36531 Would you all recommend a paid chart reading?
My details are male, 5 nov 1984 snake (10) hours. Singapore
I have failed in many areas of my life and am feeling very lost, looking for some guidance.
Thank you in advance.]]>
Purple Star Astrology Mon, 20 Feb 2017 06:09:35 +0800
Subject: Re2: Money!How to accumulate wealth??? - by: gln888 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/20-wealth/36530-re2-money-how-to-accumulate-wealth#36530 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/20-wealth/36530-re2-money-how-to-accumulate-wealth#36530
Our house is Period 8, facing South 2/3. Both 8 mountain and water stars of the natal chart are in the South sector. I had a water feature/small pond with mountain serving as 6-level waterfall. It's about 10 feet from the main door with open space/bright hall between the pond and the door. The pond is 18 inches deep dug into the ground.

My question is, can I continue using the water feature given that the malevolent 5 Yellow flies to the South this year?

Thanks for the help.]]>
Wealth Mon, 20 Feb 2017 02:16:20 +0800
Subject: Date selection - Wedding charts? - by: lifestudent http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36528-date-selection-wedding-charts#36528 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36528-date-selection-wedding-charts#36528
If we say there is a hypothetical situation where I would like to find a good date for metal dm and/or fire dm to marry.

I would think a good chart would be one that will have both wood and metal in it

We always have to go through years, month and day and exclude those that form clashes to their charts.

Just for the fun of it, I am now assessing a date that I would think could possibly be good.
Both of the parties involved might have Ren as HS on year pillar, so this year's (2017) Ding in HS would make a wood formation with their Ren.

So we already have both wood and metal element that serves both individuals.

Now when you are looking at wedding charts, do you look to make some kind of branch formation, or do you look for a chart that you see year produce month element and month produce day element/branch and then day produce hour?

Right now I am looking at a dates 9.9.2017 or 11.11.2017
Just comparing them as they both have metal and wood.]]>
Four Pillars Mon, 20 Feb 2017 01:08:20 +0800
Subject: Yin-Hai both combination and destruction? - by: lifestudent http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36527-yin-hai-both-combination-and-destruction#36527 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36527-yin-hai-both-combination-and-destruction#36527
The same is done with Si-Shen, it's a harmony combination, but also a destruction.

It has to be either or, not both?]]>
Four Pillars Mon, 20 Feb 2017 00:36:59 +0800
Subject: Personal bazi - by: Lightinme http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36526-personal-bazi#36526 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/36526-personal-bazi#36526 I try to understand my personal Bazi to have more precision for the future.
Need some help please.

Female October 11, 11.15am (Paris)]]>
Four Pillars Mon, 20 Feb 2017 00:03:50 +0800
Subject: Wealth element - money money money - by: lifestudent http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/20-wealth/36517-wealth-element-money-money-money#36517 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/20-wealth/36517-wealth-element-money-money-money#36517
What I've learned from all my bazi studies is that the wealth element is supposedly the element that the DM controls, for Bing DM it would be metal and for Yi DM it would be earth.

Some people say that it changes if the DM is weak, but I am not sure that is true though.

So let us say that there is this person that could be either a Yi DM or Bing DM and this person received some sum of money in year 2003 and 2014 and has with that money built up some equity in property and is now selling one of those properties and receiving a huge sum of money, or over 200.000USD.

The offer on the property was signed on February 3rd and the final contract of selling will be signed at the end of this month or beginning of next. So basically we look at the year and month in question of receiving all that money.
Year is Ding You
Month is Ren Yin
Day is Xin You

The heavenly stems Ding-Ren form wood, so basically that time of year is a heavy wood and metal.
If we take just the year in question it is fire and metal.

Last sale of property (much smaller amount) was on Sept 3rd 2014 (offer received ...but final sales contract was signed later that month)
Ding Ren Jia
Chou Shen Wu

Now that time had different elements at play and can therefore confuse a bit since it has Ding Ren forming wood again and therefore all stems are wood. Then we see heavy earth and metal in branches.

2003 is another puzzle, since the person received a big sum from parents and that is more like recourse element, right?
It was in July 2003, so year is Gui Wei and month is Ji Wei.

This most recent sale in 207 and receiving the biggest amount of money that the person has ever received seems to imply that the person in question is more likely to be a Bing DM, since metal element is in branch of year and then the heavy wood as recourse.
(BTW this person is also planning to get married this year).

However, the former sale of less money is more confusing - although it could be considered as the metal being wealth and the wood being recourse (the money was used to invest in another property).

The person has a Ding-Ren formation to wood on month-year heavenly stems in own bazi as well.
What do you guys think?]]>
Wealth Sun, 19 Feb 2017 20:47:16 +0800
Subject: Bazi and career - by: Lightinme http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/13-career/36511-bazi-and-career#36511 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/13-career/36511-bazi-and-career#36511 My husband and I will open a new business soon about end of april, an healthy food place.
Me: 11 October 1981 àt 11.15 am
Husband: 17 February 1967 at 6 pm
Is it good or not for our family?]]>
Career Sun, 19 Feb 2017 19:44:46 +0800
Subject: Daughter's Bazi and auspicious name - by: Lightinme http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/14-children/36509-daughter-s-bazi-and-auspicious-name#36509 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/14-children/36509-daughter-s-bazi-and-auspicious-name#36509 My daughter was born on December 14th 2004 at 1h40 am, and I'm worrying about her future. I try to do my best for her!
I give her the name Tiffany but don't know if it's an auspicious name for her.
Please help me.]]>
Children Sun, 19 Feb 2017 19:27:33 +0800