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9th march 1992 9.25am
Love Thu, 22 Jun 2017 18:48:24 +0800
Subject: The reason why I started to learn about Feng-sui. - by: bj100m http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/6-feng-shui-stories/37377-the-reason-why-i-started-to-learn-about-feng-sui#37377 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/6-feng-shui-stories/37377-the-reason-why-i-started-to-learn-about-feng-sui#37377 business.Even though they sell the same line of products in the same area.One has a very good

sale the other
has just "so-so" sale.Now "shop no.1" has many branches while the other stays the same.
One day I came across a radio show discussing about fengshui and business and that opened
my eyes to the world of fengsui.
Now I know (at least in terms of Feng sui aspect)why these 2 shops prosper differently.
It's the direction of the shop.Shop no.1 faces the good direction for its business.
While shop no.2 faces another direction which is not good or bad for the business.
The inconvenient thing about checking direction and feng shui is that you have to have
a compass(the compass used by Feng shui master looks so hard to understand)and a book that
tell you the info. of each direction.
As a app. developer ,I decided to make and app. that combines compass& book.It is very easy to
I recommend to whomever wants to start a new business,you'd better check the direction & feng

shui of the place by using an app in smartphone.
Download from Google Play by searching " "banjerd eng feng shui ".
Stand out side of your house and do as the app. suggests.It will tell you the basic info. of
your place's feng shui in just one minute.]]>
Feng Shui Stories Tue, 20 Jun 2017 10:20:15 +0800
Subject: Foundations - by: bodzakm http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/8-flying-star-feng-shui/37375-foundations#37375 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/8-flying-star-feng-shui/37375-foundations#37375 Flying Star Feng Shui Tue, 20 Jun 2017 06:16:07 +0800 Subject: worry about my future - by: danearvid17 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/37372-worry-about-my-future#37372 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/37372-worry-about-my-future#37372 Female, 1/07/1989, 10:59am

Im financially insecure, i dont have any stable job, startup business isnt running, i cant tell which is true friends or not, i was offered a job but now im not sure the company can pay me as promised..
My romance isnt good either.. im afraid later i will get a dominant spouse & in-laws tbh.
I was told to have a male "supporter", but i dont really know who he is.. coz im not close to my siblings/ dad.

Is there any enlighten from my bazi ready about my life? will i suffer concerning my health in the future?

thanks a lot]]>
Four Pillars Tue, 20 Jun 2017 01:01:24 +0800
Subject: Boyfriend - by: KeithKo1234 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/37367-boyfriend#37367 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/37367-boyfriend#37367

My name is Keith Ko, Born in Hong Kong, I am a male and my birthdate is 1996 May 9th and i am born in 8:20 AM.

Much thanks!]]>
Four Pillars Mon, 19 Jun 2017 18:17:02 +0800
Subject: PLss reading from Bro Koi for marriage and career - by: ccssyy http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37353-plss-reading-from-bro-koi-for-marriage-and-career#37353 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37353-plss-reading-from-bro-koi-for-marriage-and-career#37353
born in 17/10/1986(english version)

Can some one tells me my marriage & career?

Thank you]]>
Purple Star Astrology Fri, 16 Jun 2017 16:39:10 +0800
Subject: Overall reading, much thanks - by: QroyQ http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37348-overall-reading-much-thanks#37348 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37348-overall-reading-much-thanks#37348
DOB: 24/03/1994
Time of birth: 20:27
Place of birth: Singapore

If possible I would like to know what year in my 20s are best timing for opening a new business.

Thank you for helping me read]]>
Purple Star Astrology Fri, 16 Jun 2017 12:33:25 +0800
Subject: Requesting reading from Bro Koi Fish please! - by: opeRose http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37347-requesting-reading-from-bro-koi-fish-please#37347 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37347-requesting-reading-from-bro-koi-fish-please#37347
I'm very very concerned about my future career and financial capacity. I will be graduating soon with a masters degree but took out a substantial loan. I am job searching now. My health has never been that great so I hope I can have a job that won't be too stressful. What careers/industries are best for me so that I can pay my loan back and do you think I will have financial difficulties in the future? I have a sibling who is unwell who I will probably need to care for in the future, so can you tell me if it's better not to have children (if I can afford BOTH supporting my sibling and having children)? Even if you have bad news to give, please do not hesitate, so that I know what to expect in my future and can prepare for hardships better, thank you very much in advance for your time! Either ZWDS and/or bazi, or whichever method you prefer...

July 5, 1986 Snake hour (female)

Also, if you don't mind, how is my boyfriend's career and our compatibility? I've had very abusive relationships in the past that drained my time and money, so this is also a concerning area for me.

April 11, 1987 Tiger hour (male)]]>
Purple Star Astrology Fri, 16 Jun 2017 12:27:06 +0800
Subject: Which Bracelet should I buy? - by: ayeo99 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/37346-which-bracelet-should-i-buy#37346 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/37346-which-bracelet-should-i-buy#37346
Need your advice here.

DOB: 16 June 1963
Time: between 0500 to 0700

My Self Element is Yang Metal
I am born in the 2nd month of Summer where Fire is very STRONG and Metal is STRONG
My 4 pillars has:
- 3 Wood
- 2 Fire
- 1 Water
- 1 Earth
I am from Singapore

See attached my bazi chart

Am I a Weak Metal?

If yes, which bracelet should I buy out of these 5 in this website (scroll down to see the other 4)?
Four Pillars Fri, 16 Jun 2017 11:34:06 +0800
Subject: request for zwds chart - by: sejmy http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37338-request-for-zwds-chart#37338 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37338-request-for-zwds-chart#37338
I was wondering if anyone can decode my chart with some important info.

I was born in 23/12/1991
Thanks everyone]]>
Purple Star Astrology Wed, 14 Jun 2017 01:19:56 +0800
Subject: Bazi Chart Analysis Love and Marriage - by: Eyeleen87 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/37326-bazi-chart-analysis-love-and-marriage#37326 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/37326-bazi-chart-analysis-love-and-marriage#37326
I need help regarding analysing
my Bazi Chart regarding finding a loving life partner and eventually marriage. I was in a 7 years relationship with a bad boyfriend where he completely destroyed my trust and confidence in men. After now being single for nearly 2 years I am completely recovered from this. However it seems that I am stuck when it comes to dating the right men. I seem to not find anyone who would make a single effort to see me or they are just not the right men. Is it because I live in the wrong city (currently living in London)
I was also told that my Bazi Chart has too much metal and hence cant seem to attract the right men. Therefore dating makes me feel very low and depressed at times.

I am now 30 years old and am wondering whether I will ever get married one day and if so when?

please find my chart below.

born 25.01.1987 16:00 Frankfurt, Germany]]>
Four Pillars Mon, 12 Jun 2017 00:36:38 +0800
Subject: Career-path for self-actualization and prosperity - by: krntsng http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/13-career/37323-career-path-for-self-actualization-and-prosperity#37323 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/13-career/37323-career-path-for-self-actualization-and-prosperity#37323
many thanks in advance to any insight any of you may have. My info as follows:

DOB: 29 Oct 1986
TOB: 08:29am
Gender: Female

Hour: Ren Chen
Day: Bing Wu
Month: Wu Xu
Year: Bing Yin

I'm currently in banking middle management, studying traditional chinese medicine (TCM) and pyschotherapy part-time. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on whether TCM and/or psychotherapy are more suited for me as career for prosperity? I am making decent money at the bank and have good promotional prosepects, but have been encouraged by a ba zi reader several years ago to rely on my intelligence and talent to build career/make money, due to my lack of metal and supporting officer gods not being conducive to working in finance nor large organizations. Is there more to this? I know my wealth-retaining ability is not good, but can I maximize my income-generating ability to compensate? Will this throw other parts of my life out of balance?

Many, thanks for all of your time, insight, and wisdom.

Career Sun, 11 Jun 2017 21:30:42 +0800
Subject: Request bro koi fish for zwds - by: Jiayi5 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37321-request-bro-koi-fish-for-zwds#37321 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37321-request-bro-koi-fish-for-zwds#37321
Jia yi here
Date of birth 17 dec 1987 6.05am. I have twin sis Born 6.04am
If this year is not a good year for me to travel, may i know what is the outcome and is there anything that i can do to avoid the unlucky star? I have already booked the flight in sept
I plan to have baby soon in 2018. May i know will it be a girl or boy?]]>
Purple Star Astrology Sun, 11 Jun 2017 21:03:17 +0800
Subject: Is this a weak ba-zi chart? - by: freeloader http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/37300-is-this-a-weak-ba-zi-chart#37300 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/37300-is-this-a-weak-ba-zi-chart#37300
Birth details:


00:46 (Male)

Four Pillars Fri, 09 Jun 2017 00:06:00 +0800
Subject: Request Bro Koi for ZWDS reading - by: jellybean http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37298-request-bro-koi-for-zwds-reading#37298 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37298-request-bro-koi-for-zwds-reading#37298
Can I also request a ZWDS reading from you? Just reply when you're free. I can wait.

I would like to ask about marriage, health, income/money source and children.]]>
Purple Star Astrology Thu, 08 Jun 2017 21:31:41 +0800
Subject: zwds marriage - by: lucisnice http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37297-zwds-marriage#37297 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/37297-zwds-marriage#37297

28/12/1995 8:15am
Thank so much]]>
Purple Star Astrology Thu, 08 Jun 2017 18:49:42 +0800
Subject: HELP! how to stop life spinning out of control? - by: jp77 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/23-others/37289-help-how-to-stop-life-spinning-out-of-control#37289 http://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/23-others/37289-help-how-to-stop-life-spinning-out-of-control#37289 Im wondering if anyone can advise....
Over the last 3 years I have suffered greatly from a marriage split, I have 2 boys who I have had to give up to their father. I have lost my home, no finances, no work and soon to be homeless.

Im worried about my future and if the fight between my ex and his mother (my ex mother in law - MIL) will ever end and if i will get my boys back or even see them again!! The manipulation of my ex and his mother over my boys worries me greatly. At the moment they get scolded if they speak to me so contact has become limited. (so far contact is via wifi chat or video) No physical contact yet.

Aside from marriage falling apart due to ex and MIL being control freaks and him having a GF on the side, we have had legal fights, cannot come to an agreement regarding childrens custody/contact, he has made countless threats which has instilled a lot of fear on me and he has also falsely accused me of assault on my youngest child and ive had to deal with police, luckily no charges laid on me. My mental and health in general is terrible now. I feel im only heading in a downward spiral.

I am seeing a lovely man who has been so wonderful and supportive but my kids never accepted him and this has caused more problems with the ex to become aggressive and its caused so much tension. I may be moving in july but im not sure at the moment where I stand.

Please help!
birth details: myself - 12 april 77, my boyfriend - 11 may 70, son 1 - 14 june 05, son 2 - 16 feb 09, Ex - 29 august 74.

I have many crystals, can I work with them to help me clear this negativity? I have a kuan kung statue, a thai buddha and two gold horses, What should I do? need help!]]>
Others Wed, 07 Jun 2017 09:27:19 +0800