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Master Practitioners Course in Feng Shui
7 - 12 Sept 2015
Written on 25/05/2015, 10:00 by ericlee
feng-shui-world-latest-issue-june-is-out-get-your-copy-nowWe shall soon be entering into the second half of the year and hopefully, as predicted by the year’s Paht Chee chart, the energy of the world will improve drastically.
Written on 22/05/2015, 17:18 by ericlee
thinking-in-new-direction-using-the-power-of-creative-thoughtImages have power, symbols have meanings, plants have cures, sounds have effects!
Written on 18/05/2015, 11:51 by ericlee
aunt-agga-issue-99Aunt Agga answers questions about finding a girlfriend, poison arrows, exams, dreams of water and what it means when your eye twitches!
Written on 05/05/2015, 17:49 by ericlee
transforming-your-garden-into-a-feng-shui-paradiseFive steps to transform your garden into a Feng Shui Paradise
Written on 28/04/2015, 10:42 by hoemun
flying-star-feng-shui-update-4th-month-of-the-yi-wei-wood-sheep-year (6th May 2015 - 5th June 2015)
Written on 28/04/2015, 10:00 by ericlee
feng-shui-world-latest-issue-may-is-out-get-your-copy-nowThis past month saw Lillian Too conduct the first of her Master Practitioner Courses in Feng Shui for the year. She usually holds these twice a year, as well as her other more advanced courses, but the MPC is the definitive course that should be the starting point for all practitioners who wish to take their study of feng shui seriously.
Written on 17/04/2015, 11:12 by ericlee
manipulating-materials-to-achieve-balanceOne of the exciting aspects of Design is the ability to try new materials and ideas in order to change the way we perceive space.
Written on 08/04/2015, 17:46 by ericlee
aunt-agga-issue-98Aunt Agga answers questions about getting keeping an empty house safe, gardening in the three killings, jealous colleagues & dealing with personal theft.
Written on 25/03/2015, 15:49 by ericlee
star-of-aggressive-sword-do-you-have-it-in-your-chart-and-does-it-bring-you-good-or-bad-luckIn this issue, we will be talking about the Star of Aggressive Sword. This star suggests someone who has a very aggressive and intensive attitude towards life.
Written on 04/03/2015, 17:11 by ericlee
travel-tipsSafety Tips, Special Tip, Travel Based On Your Kua Number....
Written on 16/01/2015, 09:43 by hoemun
your-luck-and-lucky-symbols-for-the-year-of-the-wood-sheep-2015Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar
Written on 15/01/2015, 12:20 by hoemun
2015-year-of-the-sheep-annual-forecastHighlights of the Year of the Wood Sheep and the Feng Shui Chart of 2015
Written on 14/01/2015, 14:35 by hoemun
everyone-has-the-chance-to-make-money-in-year-of-the-sheepAs the coming Lunar Year of the Wood Sheep is blessed with all five feng shui elements — metal, wood, water, fire and earth — everyone will have the opportunity to make money, achieve success and attain their goals, according to renowned feng shui expert grandmaster Lillian Too.
Written on 06/12/2014, 17:38 by ericlee
5-indispensable-ideas-to-keep-in-mind-when-designing-your-homeWhen we start to design our living spaces, the best way to look for ideas and to get inspiration is to run through images of actual rooms. By doing so, we are able to appreciate the different styles, concepts and techniques that have gone into creating such spaces.
Written on 31/10/2014, 14:56 by ericlee
the-eight-auspicious-signs-and-their-numbersThe number 8 can be very effectively invoked by displaying the powerful set of auspicious signs so popular with Tibetan Buddhists.
Written on 11/10/2014, 10:37 by ericlee
using-east-west-theory-of-feng-shui-to-get-marriedFinding someone to marry used to be so much simpler. There was a time (not that long ago) where you’d simply reach a marriageable age and your parents would arrange for the village matchmaker to pay a visit.
Written on 08/10/2014, 15:44 by ericlee
using-feng-shui-to-enhance-your-chances-for-conceiving-a-snake-babyWhenever a Chinese couple gets married, the theme of all congratulatory phrases often centers around HAPPINESS and MANY DESCENDENTS!
Written on 18/09/2014, 14:00 by ericlee
living-in-bangsar-and-creating-the-perfect-period-8-houseI recently had the opportunity to create a perfect Period 8 house. It happened quite by chance when the property next door to where I have lived for the past 35 years came on the market.
Written on 26/08/2014, 01:00 by ericlee
face-feng-shuiProven beauty tips that attract auspicious good fortune into your life.
Written on 15/08/2014, 11:54 by ericlee
aunt-agga-issue-97Aunt Agga answers questions about getting married, staff betrayal, lucky house numbers and bird droppings!